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Camping at Poland Spring Campground, Maine

This was a two-day, one-night experience. We even remembered the poles for the tent this time. Everything went off without a hitch. The campground itself was more upscale than our usual ones. It was upscale in that it had an actual pool, a snack bar, an event hall, and fresh water at every campsite. Oh, and showers were free!

There was a schedule of events, and Saturday night just happened to be 80’s night! There was a live cover band in the evening, so we decided to check it out. The band, Glamour Kitty, played a great gig. Even the teens were up and dancing. Some were even singing along!

Before an exciting evening of live 80’s music and dinner by the campfire, we explored the Lower Range Pond, stalking loons like paparazzi and checking out the rest of the flora and fauna. There is an infestation in many lakes of the Chinese Mystery Snail, and we saw numerous dead ones floating in the water, which was strange. Despite that, the water was incredibly clear, and there were flowers growing right up from the seaweed at the bottom of the lake. Many fish of various sizes were swimming around beneath us, and there turtles, ducks, and loons. There was even a giant eagle’s nest in one of the trees.

We made sandwiches for lunch on the lake, but the real culinary magic happened back at the campsite. I sauteed up some vegetables and fresh mushrooms to go into an herb mushroom rice dish complemented by grilled tofu that I had pre-marinated before the drive up to Maine. It was delicious!

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