Lady of the Wild Woods


Hi! I’m Diana.  I’m a nature-loving, outdoors enthusiast currently residing in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

I’m originally from Philadelphia and lived my early, formative years in Indianapolis, but I’ve traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad. I love traveling, adventure, being a mom to my teenage son, and being in Nature.

Whiteface, ADK

New England has called to me for many years, stemming from my reading of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft as a teenager. I always felt there was something mystical and mysterious about New England. In 2012 I had an opportunity to move, so I took a chance to move up North. I fell in love! I am called by the mountains and forests, and I feel a deep, spiritual connection to Nature. I have finally found my forever home in New Hampshire. Join me in my joy, as I hike, run, cycle, kayak, cross-country ski and snowshoe around New England, stopping on occasion for a picnic, a picture, yoga and/or meditation.

Richardson Lake, Maine

I am a perpetual student of nature, including plants, trees and local wildlife. I love exploring, learning and posting about my discoveries. I am also an avid environmentalist, with a deep-seated desire to protect the natural world and all the beauty, secrets, and natural cures she holds.

Cycling the Island Line Rail Trail in Burlington, VT

In my other life, when I am not wandering the woods, I am a program director at my local Y, a non-profit bringing health, wellness, and love to all those who come through our doors. Health, wellness, and connection to the natural world should be available to everyone who desires that connection. Travel with me and share in my experiences. Nature is there for all of us.

Mount Major, NH
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